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  • The Transformersis an American animated television series based on the Transformers franchise. The series will air on Disney XD a year afterTransformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)finishes. Most of the cast are reprising their roles, though some Transformers have gotten sex changes. This show will also take jabs at things in the franchise that have been criticized over the years, though meta humor isn"t the main humor.


    The Autobots are the dominant faction of the Transformers at this point in time. They believe in liberty, justice, free enterprise, due process, freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom of the press. They definitely have skeletons in their closet & cover them up, which can cause moral dissonance amongst them that threaten to tear apart their "big, happy family" mentality, as well as tarnish their public reputation.

    Ark Crew/Team Prime Founding Members
    • Orion Pax/Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen): The current leader of the Autobots from the Elite Guard who, despite being one of the youngest Cybertronian leaders, demonstrated extraordinary courage & wisdom in the war against the Decepticons. He treats all lives with benevolence, fights for freedom & peace & continues to fight to protect the weak & maintain their beliefs. He has a chin-stripe, a Mouthplate for battle like most of his other incarnations & transforms into a Red/Blue/Black/Yellow Cab-Over Semi-Trailer Truck similar to hisGeneration 1&Onlinecounterparts. He wields a handheld energon Fusion Axe, a handheld ion blaster, a handheld energon Star Saber which he found during the Great War, a right arm-mounted Divine chain-gun, a handheld energon shield, 2 forearm-mounted energon hooks & a left arm-mounted energon tomahawk.
      • Roller (David Kaye): Optimus"s Grey Humanoid Mini-Con who transforms into a Data Disc/Dune Buggy. He wields a right forearm-mounted ion cannon, a left forearm-mounted fusion cannon, 2 handheld energon swords, a handheld energon spear & 2 shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.
    • Bumblebee (Will Friedle): an Autobot who was one of the last Transformers created, before the Allspark went into hibernation. By natural selection, he was appointed to be Optimus" scout. In his limited capacity, he would look up to model authority such as Optimus. He desires to be recognized, which forces him to try to seize the opportunity to display his courage. Thus, he would perform some seemingly foolhardy & risky tasks in an attempt to impress his teammates. In secrecy, though, he"s a competent scout like no other. He has a soul patch, a face mask for battle similar to his live-action counterpart & transforms into a Yellow/Black/Red Griffin Motors 1995 Windblazer Sports Car similar to hisRobots in Disguise (2015)counterpart. He wields a right arm-mounted plasma cannon, 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, a handheld energon triple pronged staff, a handheld Skullbuster shotgun, 2 forearm-mounted electro-blasters & a left arm-mounted energon Laser Blade. He"s based off Dan Gilvezan"s portrayal.
    • Dion/Ironhide (Keith Szarabajka): A battle-hardened war veteran, one of the toughest Autobots, a member from the Elite Guard & the Lightning Strike Coalition Force & one of Optimus" brother figures, who prefers actions to words & dislikes talk for talk"s sake, though he may be rough around the edges, he"s still optimistic & upbeat. He has side burns, a scar near one optic similar to his live-action counterpart & transforms into a Red/Grey/Black/Blue/Orange GMC Topkick C4500 Pickup Truck similar to hisGeneration 1& live-action counterparts. He wields a right forearm-mounted plasma cannon, a left forearm-mounted rocket launcher, 2 shoulder-mounted particle chain-guns, a handheld energon mace, a handheld ion pistol, a handheld fusion rifle & a handheld energon tomahawk. He"s based off Peter Cullen"s portrayal.
    • Ratchet (Jeffrey Combs): The Autobots" Team Medic, one of Optimus" brother figures & a member from the Science Corp who’s one of the oldest members of the Autobots & is praised for his charisma & positive attitude towards others. When he comes to mind, he’s first perceived as a comedian who"s able to describe things in an interesting manner. To any Autobots, he’s both their friend & medic. As long as his iron will lives on, his performance on the battlefield will always be exceptional. He transforms into a White/Red/Yellow/Green Advanced Life Support Vehicle similar to hisCombiner Wars&Onlinecounterparts. He wields a handheld sonic cannon, a right arm-mounted energon Sapphire Scalpel buzzsaw, a handheld electro-blaster, a handheld Toxic Syringe & a handheld energon dagger. He"s based off Don Messick"s portrayal.
    • Jazz (Phil LaMarr): A cool & level-headed Autobot who was the former leader of the Cybertronian Intelligence, a former member of the Cyber-Ninja Corps & Elite Guard & Optimus" best friend before the War. Before every battle, he would decorate himself with tattoos to remind himself that no matter where he is, he"s always a Cybertronian. However, he does have an obsession with Earth"s entertainment culture, such as break dance & ballet. His knowledge of Earth"s environment & culture designated him as Optimus" assistant. Even when given the most dangerous task to do, he"s able to complete the objective with an impeccable attitude & his own sense of swagger. He has a jawline & a soul patch & transforms into a White/Blue/Silver/Red/Black Street Rally Sports Car similar to hisGeneration 1,Robots in Disguise (2015)&Onlinecounterparts. He wields 2 handheld energon Static Shock Tonfas, a right forearm-mounted electro-whip used for fighting & for grappling, a left forearm-mounted Arc Blaster, 2 shoulder-mounted sonic cannons, a handheld flamethrower & 2 handheld energon nun-chucks.He"s based off Scatman Crothers" portrayal.
    • Prowl (Alan Tudyk): The Autobots" quiet, competent & loyal, but morally ambiguous strategist from the Elite Guard & Cyber-Ninja Corps who Optimus keeps near at hand for his indispensable expertise. He really doesn"t get along well with his fellow Autobots, many of whom find his strict adherence to military protocol stifling & his uptight personality sure doesn"t help matters. His battle computer will glitch out at illogical situations or if he gets startled & he"ll pass out. He has a balbo, a face mask for battle & transforms into a White/Black/Gold/Blue Highway Patrol Dodge Charger Police Car with an engine block & spoiler. He wields a handheld acid rifle, a handheld electro-taser, shruikens, 2 handheld fusion pistols, a handheld energon club & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.He"s based off Michael Bell"s portrayal.
    • Bulkhead (Kevin Michael Richardson): Autobot Munition Specialist & Space Bridge Technician, Ironhide & Leadfoot’s brother figure & a former member of the Elite Guard & Wreckers who has a tendency of breaking things which often disturbs Prowl, although he isn’t as intelligent as the other Autobots, he makes up for it with brute strength. He has a bushy beard, wears a MK III Helmet & transforms into a Green/Grey/Orange Modified Mercedes Benz Unimog Truck/CH-47 Chinook Twin-Rotor Helicopter. He wields 2 arm-mounted energon flails, a handheld ion chain-gun, grenades & 2 forearm-mounted rocket launchers. His robot mode resembles a fat commando.
    • Arcee (Laura Bailey): An Autobot Ninja & Bumblebee’s Conjunx Endura, which is a term that the Transformers use for love interest or boyfriend/girlfriend, who’s kind & humble, but is also tough as nails at all times, always ready with a snarky quip even in the face of destruction, not afraid to bend the rules every now & then & seemingly never, ever scared. She transforms into a Blue/Pink/White/Black/Silver Kawasaki Ninja 250R Motorcycle similar to herPrimecounterpart. She wields 2 handheld ion pistols, a handheld plasma shotgun, 2 arm-mounted energon blades & a handheld energon crossbow.She’s based off Susan Blu’s portrayal.
    • Sideswipe (Darren Criss): A reckless yet effective Autobot Ninja who’ll do anything to defeat the Decepticons, even cheat, all in the name of possible victory & an indomitable prankster & loves to pull practical jokes on anyone & everyone he can find. He can use his wheels to skate in battle. He has a mouthplate similar to hisRobots in Disguise (2015)counterpart for battle & transforms into a Red/Silver/White Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields 2 handheld plasma pistols, 2 forearm-mounted energon swords, a handheld flare gun & a handheld energon spear.He’s based off Michael Bell’s portrayal.
    • Cliffjumper (Dwayne Johnson): A deeply devoted Autobot whose Jazz younger brother & Arcee’s brother figure from Cybertronian Intelligence. He has a fondness for cowboys, enjoys Wild Western music & tends to go "Yee-haw" when in a happy mood such as victories. He has a soul patch & transforms into a Red/Grey/Yellow/Black Dodge Challenger Muscle Car with artificial buffalo horns, spires, side exhaust pipes & a spoiler similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields a handheld glass gas cannon, a right arm-mounted plasma cannon, a handheld energon lasso, a handheld energon sword & a handheld ion chain-gun.He’s based off Casey Kasem’s portrayal.
    • Que/Wheeljack (Christopher Swindle): Autobot Engineer from the Science Corp & Cyber-Ninja Corps, a former member of the Wreckers. Silverstreak once described him as a fellow who can make nuclear bombs out of scrap metal & rust buckets. He became renowned as a mad scientist for creating gadgets for the Autobots that will optimize their performance in combat. Furthermore, his driving skills are superb enough to make any Hollywood hero envious. However, most of his inventions blow up his lab every other day & it"s rare whenever he makes something that doesn"t blow up, unless the plot demands it. He also blows himself up constantly, causing Ratchet to have to fix him constantly. He has a Five O"Clock Shadow, a face mask based off hisGeneration 1counterpart"s face for battle. He transforms into a White/Green/Red/Blue/Black/Yellow Lancia Stratos Sports Car similar to hisGeneration 1&Primecounterparts. He wields a handheld energon Stillson Wrench, a right shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, 2 handheld energon swords, a handheld Fusion Ray gun which shoots explosive bubbles & a right arm-mounted plasma cannon.He’s based off Christopher Collins’ portrayal.His robot mode reassembles Ninja and Mechanical engineer
    • Perceptor (Jim Ward): The Autobots’ scientist & former leader of the Science Corp who’s perpetually seeking to increase knowledge & his discoveries have repeatedly proven invaluable which made him a kind of a scientific jack-of-all-trades. He later became a sniper to help Silverstreak & to make himself useful. He transforms into a Red/Grey/Blue/Orange Toyota Hilux Invincible AT38 Truck. He wields a handheld concussion rifle, a handheld energon machete, a right shoulder-mounted lens plasma cannon & a handheld energon dagger. He’s based off Paul Eiding’s portrayal.
    • Blurr (John Moschitta Jr.): the fastest Autobot around from Cybertronian Intelligence who talks extremely fast which only Optimus, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Perceptor, Nightbird, Blaster, Rewind, Seaspray, Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, Lockdown, Slipstream, Springload, Unicron & Ultra Magnus can understand. He transforms into a Blue/White/Purple/Yellow/Orange Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Race Car similar to hisRobots in Disguise (2015)counterpart. He wields turbo speed as well as 2 handheld ion pistols, a right arm-mounted energon chainsaw, a handheld electro-blaster, a handheld energon machete, 2 forearm-mounted sonic cannons & a handheld energon boomerang. His robot mode resembles an assassin.
    • Hound (Jeremy Shada): An Autobot Adventurer from the Elite Guard who loves going on adventures & saving the day & is secretly Sunstorm"s Conjunx Endura. He uses this opportunity to explore the breathtaking caverns & mountainous expanses that Earth provides. He transforms into a Green/Black/Gold Oshkosh Defense Medium Tactical Vehicle similar to hisAge of Extinction&Onlinecounterparts. He wields a handheld Hologram gun that can make holograms to trick his enemies, to hide, conceal or distract & can project almost anything, a handheld energon machete, a right shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld triple-barrel Phalanx chain-gun, a handheld laser shotgun, grenades, a handheld energon longbow & a handheld energon dagger.His voice pattern is based off Finn Mertens fromAdventure Time.
    • Crosshairs (John DiMaggio): the self-centered Autobot Tactician & Paratrooper who"s a mouthful of snark with a bad attitude. Despite these vices, he’s a crack shot, who hits the ground running & makes mincemeat out of Decepticons before they even know what hit them. He has a beard, wear googles in battle &transforms into a Green/Tan/Black/Red/Blue Chevrolet Corvette C7 Sports Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields 2 handheld fusion pistols, a handheld energon sword, a handheld crossbow with energon arrows, a handheld energon chain whip, a handheld energon dagger & a handheld grenade launcher.He’s based off Neil Ross’ portrayal. His robot mode resembles a paratrooper.
    • Strongarm (Constance Zimmer): Autobot Cadet from the Elite Guard that has a bright future in law enforcement. She knows the regulations front-to-back, able to recall them by number with ease as needed, often to her teammates" chagrin, though she did become Prowl’s Conjunx Endura. She has a Mouthplate similar to herRobots in Disguise (2015)counterpart for battle. She transforms into a Navy Blue/White/Black/Yellow INKAS Armored Vehicle. She wields a handheld energon crossbow, a handheld plasma shotgun, a handheld energon club, a right forearm-mounted laser chain-gun & a left forearm-mounted grenade launcher.
    • Omega Supreme (Fred Tatasciore): A Gold/Silver/Red/Blue/Black Omega Sentinel who’ll stand unwaveringly against overwhelming odds & although outwardly grim, he’s known by those with enough insight to actually relish the importance of his task. He was once a feverent patriot & a supporter of Cybertronian interventionist politics, until he found the devastating potential hidden within the Transformers, gaining a permanent & fundamental change in his way of being & headed to Verns to become a guidance for them, where he’s appointed of the Supreme title. He usually talks in 2 word sentences, but is able to talk normally, though not often & sometimes spends awhile in a state similar to Stasis Lock when not in battle. He hasn’t changed that much from his youth, though he does want the Transformers to go down the right path, but he does have a fear of what happens if it works too well. He transforms into a Cybertronian Mothership/Defense Satellite Cannon Hybrid similar to his War for Cybertron counterpart. He wields a helmet-mounted ion cannon, 2 shoulder-mounted plasma chain-guns, right arm-mounted claws, a right hand-mounted tractor beam, 2 hip-mounted combustion cannons, a left arm-mounted fusion cannon, 2 shin-mounted grenade launchers & 8 chest-mounted particle cannons with 4 on the front & 4 on the back. He’s based off Jack Angel’s portrayal.
    Future Recruits
    • Ariel/Elita-One (Nicole Oliver): Optimus" ex-Conjunx Endura who still tags along with him for support & helps Windblade on several occasions. She shares Optimus" compassion & dedication for protecting the innocent & downtrodden. She"s a cunning fighter & an excellent marksman, capable of hitting a target from at least 4 miles away. She transforms into a Pink/Purple/Yellow/Brown International Harvester Semi-Truck. She wields a handheld particle rifle, 2 arm-mounted energon blades, a handheld energon shield & kunais. Her voice pattern is based off Celestia fromMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Chromia (Mae Whitman): Autobot Amazon, Elita-One’s younger sister & Ironhide"s Conjunx Endura who’s as eager & hot-headed as him & has a slight inferiority complex. She transforms into a Blue/Khaki/Crimson Navistar Defense Tactical Pickup Truck. She wields a handheld energon Primeon Blade, 2 shoulder-mounted plasma cannons, a handheld laser pistol, a handheld energon fan & a handheld combustion rifle. Her voice pattern is based off & her robot mode resembles April O’Neil fromTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), having a ponytail & wearing a headband, wristbands, a shirt with her insignias on it, a t-shirt underneath, a choker, jean-shorts with leggings underneath with a sports bra bikini underneath all of it for underwater missions or interfacing, which is a term Transformers use for sex, with Ironhide & boots.
    • Skyfire/Jetfire (Troy Baker): A former Decepticon & Starscream’s former brother figure who became the Autobot Air Commander from the Elite Guard & Science Corps who speaks in an Australian accent & arrived on Earth in the 1960s only to get frozen where he later rejoins the Autobots after thawing him out. He transformed into several aircraft during his time on Earth before getting frozen. He has a face mask for battle. He transforms into a Gunmetal Grey/White/Red/Black SR-71 Blackbird similar to his live-action counterpart that he got during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He wields a handheld energon sword, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld energon tomahawk, 2 shoulder-mounted particle cannons & a handheld energon boomerang.He’s based off Gregg Berger’s portrayal.
    • Nightbird (Pamela Adlon): a bisexual female Transformer created by K.S.I."s Chinese Division to benefit mankind & combat the Transformers. She was given a precognitive sense that lets her see into the immediate future. This allows her to react to oncoming attacks against her & to counter them accordingly. She can withstand intense physical trauma as she can fall from orbit & walk away, but can still be killed by ripping her spark out of her chassis. When she was sent to intervene one of the Transformers’ battles, Lockdown killed & stole her, whom she got her personality from since he was the last one she saw before going offline & Hardshell implanted her with an enhanced brain chip before reviving her which turned her into a true bloodthirsty butt-kicking machine since she drank the Energon out of a Vehicon. She broke into the Ark & stole the Autobots" World Energy Chip. The Autobots were able to recapture her & K.S.I. stored her into cold storage, calling her a fiasco & an embarrassment, but apparently didn"t see fit to fully deactivate her, as she seemed aware of her plight & gave an angry glare as she was stored away. One day, K.S.I. discovered that she has become self-aware as she was able to speak, called Joshua a son of a scrapheap & told him that at least the Transformers didn"t call her a failure, because of one flaw & broke out. Once free, she scanned 2 vehicle modes, joined the Autobots & got into Earth"s culture, looking up music, usually fast-paced & intense music, to listen to or movies to watch on the go & she, like Skids, even gained a taste for human food. She also got into street racing thanks to Knock Out.She gets targeted by several Transformers on both sides because of how she’ll make fun of anyone who she thinks is lame with some clever psychological jabs, except for Tarn since he does it to himself for her, but especially Prowl, Strongarm & Streetsmart, because of her strong hatred for authority because of K.S.I."s treatment of her & being told what to do as she doesn’t mind killing anyone who does tell her. She has an answer or comeback for nearly everything & is quite skilled at word play that leaves her haters flustered. That hasn’t stopped her from becoming Windblade & Vortex’s sister figure & Lockdown & Thunderwing’s Conjunx Endura as well as becoming friends with Ratchet, Jazz, Arcee, Trailcutter, Silverstreak, Beachcomber, Tracks, Blaster, Rewind, Red Alert, Seaspray, the Dinobots & Afterburner & even Soundwave, Barricade, Slipstream, Knock Out, Predaking, Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Crazybolt, Thunderhoof, Groundpounder, Octane, Wildrider & the other Combaticons as she does see them all as cool or was able to warm up to them. Even her haters are impressed of her rapid healing which she got after being experimented on by Shockwave, on how she prefers performing self-surgery when she’s severely hurt if her rapid healing gets disabled by a blast she couldn’t foreshadow, her mastery of all fighting styles, since they were programmed into her by K.S.I. & for preferring to use several of her weapons at once, which she could hold in her mouth or also attach to her back & legs, thanks to special hinges on them that she designed herself. She once gave advice to several of the female Transformers by saying that when it comes to seduction or gaining respect, it"s about owning your sexuality, not giving it away. She’s one of the few Autobots other than a Prime or a Dinobot that could conceivably give Megatron an impressive fight one-on-one. She has a face mask which resembles Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke’s mask for battle & transforms into a Silver/Black/Purple Tronatic Everia Muscle Car/Kamov Ka-52 Alligator Helicopter. She wields 2 handheld dark energon swords similar to katanas, shruikens, 2 handheld ion pistols, a handheld dark energon shield, 2 wrist-mounted dark energon grappling hooks used for fighting & for grappling, a right arm-mounted particle chain-gun, 2 hand-mounted dark energon saws, kunais, a left arm-mounted grenade launcher, a handheld dark energon machete, 2 leg-mounted chain-gun/grenade launcher hybrids which she uses if her legs were blasted off or severed by her enemies until they put back on or rebuild, a handheld dark energon dagger she keeps behind one of her ears, every type of grenade & 2 feet-mounted shoe blades.Her voice pattern is based off & her robot mode resembles Rose Wilson a.k.a. Ravager fromTeen Titans Go, having long hair, 2 scars over her left optic & a pair of abs & wearing an eye-patch over where her left optic was after she lost it when she was recaptured by the Autobots until Lockdown found it, gave to her for Christmas & she was able to place it back in, functional again, a unitard with armor pieces from the Apex Armor, which she was equipped with, on it & a pair of adhesive gloves which can allow her to stick to any surface, knee pads & magnetic metal boots that, like her gloves, allow her to stick to any surface when in battle, but she also wears a track jacket with a pocket in front, track pants & women"s toning shoes with both attires having a sports bra & workout panties/bikini bottoms hybrids underneath, for when she does underwater missions, when she has to show to some Transformers who try to criticize her for having a masculine body for a girl, practicing her moves in her room, secretly interfacing with Lockdown or playing video games or watching TV, where she tells anyone watching to quit staring if they’re looking at her or she’ll drop a grenade down their throats or slit their throats unless it’s someone she befriended.
    • Dino/Mirage (Dave Wittenburg): An Autobot Spy & Wheeljack"s brother figure from Cybertronian Intelligence who speaks with an Italian accent & often questions the Autobots" violent means & not-so-secretly hopes them & the Decepticons can get along. He transforms into a Blue/White/Red Ferrari 458 Italia Sports Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields invisibility as well as 2 forearm-mounted energon blades, a handheld plasma rifle, a handheld energon chain whip, grenades, a handheld electro-blaster, a handheld energon tomahawk, bolas & a handheld electro-staff.He’s based off Frank Welker’s portrayal.
    • Ultra Magnus (Jeff Bennett) The current leader of the Wreckers, the former leader of the Elite Guard & a former member of the Cyber-Ninja Corps & one of Optimus" brother figures who believes he’s nothing but a soldier. He’s perfectly willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good if need be. He knows he"s more powerful than the average Autobot & will throw himself at larger threats accordingly. He transforms into a White/Blue/Red/Black/Khaki Volvo VN Semi-Trailer Truck. He wields a handheld energon Forge of Solus Prime hammer that was given to him before he came to Earth, a handheld energon sickle, a handheld plasma rifle, a handheld fusion blaster & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.He’s based off Robert Stack & Jack Angel’s portrayals.
    • Wreck-Gar (Weird Al Yankovic): The idiosyncratic former leader of the Junkions who’s a huge fan of Earth television, having gotten several Transformers from both sides hooked on certain TV shows & is constantly quoting TV shows. He later became Hoist’s Conjunx Endura. He has a Van Dyke beard & transforms into a Brown/Orange/Grey/Blue Trash Compactor Truck. He wields a handheld energon tomahawk, Wheel-Shaped Shruikens, 2 handheld laser pistols & 2 shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.He’s based off Eric Idle & Tony Pope’s portrayals.
      • Fixit (Mitchell Whitfield): Wreck-Gar"s Orange Humanoid Mini-Con who developed a tendency to get words wrong because of damage from the Ark’s crash. He"ll even lock himself in a verbal loop occasionally, where he needs a slap or kick from himself or another Transformer. He transforms into a Data Disc/Toyota Industries Diesel-Powered Hybrid Forklift. He wields 2 arm-mounted plasma cannons & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.
      • D-16/Megatronus/Megatron (Frank Welker): The leader of the Decepticons who quickly rose to power as champion of the pits of Kaon, where he assembled a group of followers. His power and prestige defined his heroic glory, but his treachery still posed him a threat to all. In spite of his oftentimes fierce exterior, he simply saw himself as just another bot trying to weather the conflict as best he can & is sometimes disgusted by the actions he’s forced to stoop to & also believes the Autobots to be living a lie. Also he would never betray his family, leave behind any of his comrades or forget to restore his former homeland by cyberforming Earth to use their materials to fix Cybertron. Because of this, his will could last until his final moments. He has sideburns similar to hisDark of the Mooncounterpart, a face mask similar to hisLast Knightcounterpart for battle & transforms into a Silver/Black/Purple/Red/Tan Cybertronian Jet similar to his live-action,Animated&Primecounterparts/M1A2 Abrams Tank. He wields a right forearm-mounted fusion cannon, a handheld dark energon Gaia Chain Mace, a handheld Slayer bazooka, a left forearm-mounted dark energon flail, a handheld dark energon Dark Star Saber which he made in response to the Star Saber & a handheld ion shotgun.
      • Starscream (Scott Whyte): Megatron"s first lieutenant & air commander of the Seeker armada who bides his time to destroy Megatron & take his rightful place as "true" leader of the Decepticons. He once teamed up with Sunstreaker, Red Alert & Beachcomber one time & became a ghost after another one of his attempts got him killed, until he was rebuilt & resurrected by Shockwave. He transforms into a Grey/White/Red/Blue/Black F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet similar to his Unicron trilogy & live-action counterparts. He wields a handheld dark energon sword, a right forearm-mounted laser chain-gun, 2 arm-mounted Null Rays, a left forearm-mounted rocket launcher & a handheld sonic blaster.He"s based off Christopher Collins" portrayal.
      • Soundwave (Frank Welker): Decepticon Third-in-Command & Communications Officer, a former member from Cybertron Intelligence & a former gladiator who was already Megatron"s loyal lieutenant when war broke out on Cybertron. When he was originally created, he suffered from sensory overload, not knowing where he came from or even what his name was until he met Ravage, Rumble, Buzzsaw, Ratbat & Laserbeak happen upon him & Ravage"s advice helps him to control his mind-reading through focus. After that, he lives with them on the streets & they remain loyal to each other, even coming with him when he was employed by the Senate & later when he joined the Decepticons. Often silent, but deadly, he would often take on mediating quarrels, but he isn’t without his sense of intellect. If anyone were to threaten his position, he could blackmail his perpetrator with the latter"s database, since he could read minds, he learns about the secret relationships & friendships between the factions. As a result of his greed, he’s often hated by some of the Decepticons. As long as knowledge is power, he’s always gets the last laugh, which does anger Wheelie, Brains, Hoist & Jumpstream. Despite his usual demeanor, he’s actually a loving & caring father figure to his Mini-Cons. He also does begin to warm up to some of the Decepticons & even some Autobots & even began developing a personality which allowed him to become Blaster"s Conjunx Endura, ending up in a secret relationship himself. He invented a note that can actually rock a robot’s face off, which he showed to Blaster. He got trapped in Limbo after one battle & used his psychic abilities to amplify their bond while they’re on different dimensional planes until she was able to get him out of there, but he accidentally brought the Fallen with him. He has 2 masks: one which resembles his visor face fromPrimeto show information & the other resembles his face from most of the incarnations for battle & transforms into a Navy Blue/White/Silver/Gold 2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 Hydrogen Truck/General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields a handheld concussion blaster, a right forearm-mounted dark energon Quantum Cutter chainsaw, 4 Resonance Sonic Blasters with 2 mounted on his arms & 2 mounted on his hips, the ability to open ground-bridges & later space-bridges when in need of escape or ambush, 2 handheld dark energon machetes, a handheld Super Annihilator Rifle, a right shoulder-mounted fusion chain-gun, 2 chest-mounted combat tentacles which he uses as both melee & ranged weapons & a handheld electro-cannon.
        • Laserbeak (Keith Szarabajka): A Giant Black/Red/Blue Condor-themed Mini-Con who"s the leader of Soundwave"s Mini-Cons & is often used by Soundwave as a spy & interrogator. Soundwave seems to favor him the most. He wields 2 wing-mounted laser chain-guns & transforms into a Data Disc/Gyrodyne similar to his live-action counterpart. He’s based off Frank Welker’s portrayal.
        • Ravage (Grey DeLisle-Griffin): A Black/Silver/Purple Panther-themed Mini-Con who’s skilled in various fighting styles & use of firearms. Short-tempered & easily startled, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She wields wields 2 shoulder-mounted laser chain-guns, 2 hip-mounted rocket launchers & a tail-mounted energon blade & transforms into a Data Disc/Ford Mustang Sports Car. Her voice pattern is based off Kitty Katswell fromT.U.F.F. Puppy.
        • Rumble (Dana Snyder): A Blue/Black/Red Humanoid Mini-Con who, like Sideswipe, is also into pranking when not in battle & transforms into a Data Disc/Renault Clio Boycar similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields 2 arm-mounted dark energon jackhammers, a handheld laser rifle & 2 shoulder-mounted laser chain-guns.He’s based off Frank Welker’s portrayal.
        • Filch/Buzzsaw (Constance Zimmer): Soundwave’s Black/Yellow Magpie-themed Mini-Con & Laserbeak’s civil & sophisticated yet very cruel & destructive sister who wields the same as her brother &transforms into a Data Disc/Gyrodyne. She’s based off Frank Welker’s portrayal. Her robot mode resembles Filch’s fromRobots in Disguise (2015).
        • Nightstrike/Ratbat (Olivia Olson): Soundwave’s Black/Purple/Pink/Yellow Vampire Bat-themed Mini-Con who’s named after Senator Ratbat, one of the senators on Kaon & is actually over a thousand years old & a trickster at heart, but can be sentimental & is very emotional, which will explain her occasional violent outbursts. She wields 2 wing-mounted sonic cannons & a guitar-themed dark energon ax & transforms into a Data Disc/Boeing X-48 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle similar to herGenerationscounterpart. Her voice pattern is based off & her robot mode resembles Marceline Abadeer fromAdventure Time, having long hair reaching her feet & usually wearing a tanktop, pants & boots, but also wears a strapless dress with a sash, stockings & heels when she’s at a party, with both attires with a sports bra & panties/bikini bottoms underneath, for when she relaxes after an intense battle when Soundwave decides to let her out.
      • Shockwave (Corey Burton): The Decepticons" Fourth-in-Command & Mad Scientist & a former member of the Science Corps who spent 4,000,000 years on Cybertron, keeping Decepticon control, but was eventually forced to flee to Earth, where he, after getting frozen for several decades & thawed out by Megatron, continued his scientific duties. He was originally an outspoken, emotional, friendly bot. Then he was subjected to Shadowplay, where his emotions were forcefully removed, turning him into an emotionless husk. Making things even worse, he had his face & hands taken away & replaced with a blank mask & claws for no reason other than spite. He has two regular arms instead of one with other for a plasma cannon mounted on it. He"s inspired by Logos Prime, the traitorous guardian of logic. He tries to find the logic in everything & while he’s usually stoic, he does care about Ped & Slipstream. He was once tricked by Nova Prime into harvesting the Dead Universe’s energy, in order to free him. He transforms into a Purple/Grey/Black/Green Cybertronian Jet similar to hisWar for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron/Rise of the Dark Sparkcounterpart/Cybertronian Tank similar to hisAnimated, live-action &Primecounterparts. He wields a right arm-mounted Hyper-flux cannon which can fire lasers from all across the electromagnetic spectrum including: Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infra-Red, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, X-rays & Gamma rays, a handheld barbarian dark energon blade, a left arm-mounted electro-blaster, a handheld dark energon sword & a handheld Toxic Syringe.
        • Ped (Dee Bradley Baker): Shockwave"s pet Driller which is a giant, tentacled Mongolian death worm-like Cybertronian creature, who’s capable of burrowing through the ground or through buildings with ease & was frozen & thawed out along with Shockwave. It was given the ability to transform into a Silver/Maroon Cybertronian Drill Train. It wields its tentacles as well as every type of ranged weapons all over its body.
      • Thundercracker (Wally Wingert): Decepticon Fifth-in-Command & one of Starscream’s right-hand bots who has a certain amount of pity for the humans they continually endanger or kill. He doesn’t see the point of killing humans just to kill them, although he’s very careful not to reveal this. Maybe that’s why he secretly befriended Mirage, Red Alert & befriended Blitzwing. He has sideburns& transforms into a Blue/Grey/Red F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet similar to his Unicron trilogy & live-action counterparts. He wields 2 arm-mounted fusion rifles, a handheld dark energon sword, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld flamethrower, a left forearm-mounted laser chain-gun & a handheld dark energon halberd.He’s based off John Stephenson’s portrayal.
      • Skywarp (Scott Whyte): Thundercracker"s partner who can teleport to cause mayhem amongst the Autobots & his fellow Decepticons when playing malicious pranks with the help of Rumble, Frenzy, Crazybolt & even Thunderwing, which angers Wheelie, Brains, Hoist & Jumpstream more than Soundwave, until Hooligan arrived. However, he’s one of the many Transformers that jump when Rewind suddenly appears. He has a chin stripe & transforms into a Black/Grey/Purple F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet similar to his Unicron trilogy & live-action counterparts. He wields a handheld dark energon sword, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, 2 arm-mounted fusion rifles, a left forearm-mounted laser chain-gun & 2 handheld dark energon daggers.He"s based off Frank Welker"s portrayal.
      • Barricade (Steve Blum): Decepticon Enforcer & Speed Demon, Bumblebee"s rival & secretly Nightbird’s brother figure that has got a bit of a mouth on him. Whether it"s smashing through an Autobot roadblock or hunting down his latest quarry, he rarely lets an opportunity to taunt, criticize or demoralize someone go by. He has a face mask similar to hisLast Knightcounterpart. He transforms into a Black/Blue/Silver/White/Green/Purple 2016 Ford Mustang Saleen S281 Police Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields a handheld laser pistol, 2 handheld electro-tasers, a handheld dark energon club, a handheld spiked dark energon flail, a handheld particle rifle & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.
        • Frenzy (Christopher Swindle): Barricade"s Silver/Mauve/Black/Blue/Red Humanoid Mini-Con & Hacker who helps Rumble in pranking & was able to sneak into & hack into Air Force One, one time. He transforms into a Data Disc/PGX Boombox similar to his live-action counterpart/Renault Clio Boycar similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields 2 shoulder-mounted sonic cannons, shruikens, 2 hand-mounted plasma chain-guns & 2 forearm-mounted dark energon drills. He’s based off Frank Welker’s portrayal.
      • Lugnut (David Kaye): Megatron"s bodyguard & a former member of the Elite Guard who was known as the Kaon Crusher & whose undenying loyalty annoys several Decepticons, even Megatron at times & is often mocked by the other Decepticons, which annoys him in return. He has sideburns, one eye similar to hisAnimatedcounterpart& transforms into a Purple/Jade/Khaki Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules Bomber Plane. He wields the Punch to Kill Everything which has a 2 mile blast range as well as a handheld dark energon hammer, a handheld dark energon sickle, 2 forearm-mounted grenade launchers, a handheld particle rifle, 2 shoulder-mounted sonic cannons & a right arm-mounted gravity blaster.
      • Blitzwing (Dave Boat): Lugnut"s loud-mouthed, belligerent & brash Triple Changer partner & a former member of the Elite Guard who later became a partial pacifist, which allowed him to secretly befriend Mirage, Red Alert & befriend Thundercracker. He once got multiple personality disorder after one battle, causing him to switch between a monocle face which speaks with quiet disdain, when he brings up a plan he came up with which also allowed him to befriend Slipstream, his regular face & a black jack-o"-lantern-like face, when he has a tendency to crack puns & pull pranks & also quote children"s nursery rhymes, or random non sequiturs, mostly followed by hysterical laughter which allowed him to secretly befriend Wheelie, Brains, Hoist & Jumpstream & befriend Skywarp, which is based on how he feels at the moment. He was eventually cured by Slipstream, but was able to keep all of his new friends. He transforms into a Tan/Purple/Black Sukhoi Su-27 Fighter Jet/M1A1 Grizzly Combat Vehicle. He wields a handheld energon scimitar, a back-mounted tank cannon able to shoot mortar shells, ice & fire, 2 forearm-mounted rocket launchers, a handheld gyro blaster rifle, 2 shoulder-mounted plasma chain-guns & a handheld dark energon dagger. He’s based off Ed Gilbert’s portrayal.
      • Knock Out (Daran Norris): The Decepticons" team medic, a former member from the Science Corp, a weight-loss surgeon & aerodynamic specialist & secretly Tracks’ Conjunx Endura who preoccupies with speed & racing, having joined street races & getting several Transformers such as his girlfriend, Nightbird & the Stunticons into them too as well as looking good while doing so. He"s constantly looking for physical flaws & imperfections to work his magic on, mostly on other bots as Tracks has recommended him to her friends & some of the other female Transformers as he helps them stay fit & attractive, though he’s shocked that Nightbird is at peak physical condition, despite her huge appetite, which she says it has to do with her high metabolism. He does tell her to only use her adrenaline syringes for emergencies, though. Like Tracks, he does angry whenever his paint job is damaged in any way. He transforms into a Red/Black/Green/Orange 2016 Custom Aston Martin Vanquish Car similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields a handheld electro-spear, a left arm-mounted dark energon saw, a handheld force-field generator which acts more like a shield & a right arm-mounted sonic cannon.
      • Trypticon (Fred Tatasciore): A giant Black/Purple/Green Tyrannosaurus Rex-themed Decepticon who’s Omega Supreme"s rival & is in fact insecure wondering if the Decepticon cause was in fact the right one for him. Maybe that’s why Slipstream manages to understand him. He transforms into a Cybertronian Mothership/Cybertronian Satellite Cannon similar to hisWar for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron&Primecounterpart. He wields a mouth-mounted fusion cannon, a right shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, a left shoulder-mounted sonic cannon, 2 hip-mounted grenade launchers & a tail-mounted dark energon club. He"s based off Brad Garrett"s portrayal.
    • Decepticons The Nemesis Crew Founding Members Future Recruits
      • Blackout (Noah Nelson): Decepticon Demolition Specialist & a battle-hardened gladiator from the pits of Kaon who joined Megatron in the Great War. He was also a guard at the Decagon plaza, when the War began. Few have survived an encounter with him & lived to tell the tale, but those who have survived have added his story to Decepticon lore, which tells of him singlehandedly obliterating vast numbers of Omega Sentinels back on Cybertron during the War. He transforms into a Gray/Brown/Yellow NHIndustries NH90 Helicopter. He wields rotary blades, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, a left forearm-mounted combustion cannon, a chest-mounted grenade launcher, a right shoulder-mounted laser chain-gun & a left shoulder-mounted sonic cannon.
        • Scorponok (Dee Bradley Baker): Blackout"s Orange/Silver/Brown/Purple Scorpion-themed Mini-Con whose main drives are to hunt, destroy & hunt some more, causing many to view him as barely sentient. Others are concerned that he actually can be a cunning opponent getting, friend & foe alike, to underestimate him & the latter are right. He transforms into a Data Disc/Navy Seals Attack Desert Patrol Vehicle. He wields 2 claw-mounted dark energon drills, a right shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, a left shoulder-mounted ion cannon & a tail-mounted spike.
      • Bonecrusher (Steve Blum): Decepticon Warrior whose idea of a beautiful landscape is a rubble-strewn wasteland & like Sideswipe, uses his wheels to skate across highways & roads, destroying everything in sight. His fighting style is based off American Football & Roller Derby, which allowed him to secretly befriend Eject. He was actually quite a skilled tactician during the Great War. He has sideburns & transforms into a Khaki/Green/Purple Buffalo H Mining Vehicle similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields a back mounted pincer arm, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld laser pistol, a left forearm-mounted flamethrower, a handheld grenade launcher & 2 shoulder-mounted laser chain-guns.He’s based off Neil Ross’ portrayal.
      • Slipstream/Slipstrike (Tara Strong): Shockwave"s well-spoken & highly intelligent, but very awkward & timid daughter figure & protege who holds a great interest in knowledge & science, being able to assemble intricate scientific devices & solve complex mathematical equations. She’s also very knowledgeable about Cybertron"s history, specializes in sarcasm & stinging insults hidden behind a thin veneer of humor, though Nightbird was able to outdo her, though she did apologize since she was impressed with her & often volunteers to be used as a test subject; especially if it’s her own experiments. However, she lacks self-confidence, having to be comforted by Shockwave, when she gets distressed after an intense battle, however, she eventually overcame her insecurities, which allowed her to befriend Powerglide, Red Alert, Hoist, Tracks, Sky Lynx, Strafe & Pyro"s Conjunx Endura who she comes to accept. She’s very sensitive about Shockwave"s self-esteem & thus often launches into fits of rage when someone objects to or makes fun of him, going as far as to blast hapless generics, though she does know not to destroy all of them. She has a face mask resembles Max Steel"s mask from the 2nd cartoon series for battle. She transforms into a Purple/Teal/Grey/Black/Red/Orange X-36 Tailless Fighter Agility Research Aircraft/Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Sports Car. She wields every type of magic as well as a handheld dark energon sword, a right forearm-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld dark energon machete, a handheld anti-matter cannon, a left forearm-mounted laser chain-gun & a handheld dark energon tomahawk.Her voice pattern is based off Twilight Sparkle fromMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic& her robot mode resembles a fusion of her & how Sci-Twilight Sparkle looked in theEquestria Girlsfranchise, having long hair & a pair of wings on her back & wearing glasses in her first appearance, a lab coat, a undershirt, a mini-skirt, knee socks & sneakers & her rage mode, which she also used once when interfacing with Pyro, resembles Midnight Sparkle fromEquestria Girls: Friendships Games, having her hair standing up & a pair of raven-like wings on her back & wearing a face mask, gloves, a corset, a layered skirt & boots with both appearances having a bra & bikini bottoms/panties hybrids underneath, for when she has to get specimens underwater or relaxing after an intense battle & secretly interfacing with Pyro after she became more confident or has to inject herself with some experimental liquids when experimenting on herself or anesthetic when in need of surgery into her chest or hips.
      • Sideways (John DiMaggio): Decepticon Courier who prefers to team up with larger Decepticons in the battle against the Autobots. He has a face mask similar to his Unicron trilogy counterpart. He transforms into a Silver/Black/Purple/Yellow Audi R8 Sports Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields a right arm-mounted energon sniper rifle, 2 forearm-mounted dark energon chainsaws, a handheld dark energon crossbow & a handheld dark energon sword.
      • Skyquake (Richard Green): A childhood friend of Lugnut who’s a guardian sent to protect Earth"s energon stocks. Like Lugnut, he won’t only obey every order; he’ll follow them until Megatron says otherwise, regardless of the passage of time. He also possesses a rather short temper towards those who get in the way of Megatron"s will. Otherwise, he"s actually a polite guy when it comes down to it, even to his targets & foes. He transforms into a White/Green/Orange/Red F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields a handheld particle chain-gun, a handheld dark energon sword, a handheld dark energon club & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.
      • Dreadwing (Tony Todd): Skyquake’s twin brother, the former captain of an army of Seekers & an expert in explosives. Like Skyquake, he"s intensely loyal to Megatron. However, unlike his brother, he’s better at keeping his temper in check, most of the time, which is how he befriended Sunstorm. During situations of dwindling odds, he considers all possibilities within battle & is wary of the potential consequences of hasty decisions. He transforms into a Blue/Yellow/White F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields the same as his brother, but uses a handheld grenade launcher which resembles his brother’s mini-gun instead of a mini-gun & a handheld dark energon flail instead of a club as well as a handheld Dread Assault Cannon which was passed down to him before the War, Proximity Bombs shaped after his jet wings & a left arm-mounted dark energon chainsaw.
      • Predaking (Benedict Cumberbatch): A Decepticon-made beast cloned from Predacon CNA & brought to life by Shockwave. Originally, Megatron had expected this thing to follow his orders without question, but Predaking has made it clear that he’s as intelligent as any of Megatron"s forces, with a sense of warrior"s pride & no shortage of ambition. He transforms into a Black/Orange/Yellow Mechanical Dragon similar to hisPrimecounterpart. He wields a handheld dark energon sword, a handheld x-ray laser cannon, 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers, 2 handheld Hydra-fire blasters, a handheld Infernum Blade, a handheld dark energon shield & 2 hip-mounted grenade launchers. He’s based off Bud Davis’ portrayal.
      • Lockdown (Lance Henriksen): Decepticon Bounty Hunter & a former member of the Cyber-Ninja Corps who holds himself above the Autobot/Decepticon war & sees both sides as squabbling children that he has to reign personally, as he was first hired to capture Nightbird, making him the first bot she saw & how she got her personality from. He doesn"t think much higher of other civilized species across the universe, though isn"t above working with them if it suits him. He always fulfills the contracts & missions he"s assigned to as long as he"s paid. He doesn"t really care what he has to do in order to fulfill his contract, eager to destroy entire planets if it"s necessary. His respect for other species isn"t too great either, sometimes mumbling about his own clients & speaking to them sarcastically. This, along with his fighting styles, is what won Nightbird"s spark over & she became his Conjunx Endura, until she found out that Unicron is his contractor, where, in order to get paid, he has to feed all the Transformers to him when he comes to eat Earth & Cybertron. After she breaks up with him, he begins to have second thoughts about helping Unicron & get into hi-jinks to get her off his mind. He then helps the other Transformers stop Unicron with that he may not care about the War, but he"s still going to help. This was able to get him & Nightbird back together. He mans a warship that has a magnet similar to Unicron"s Planet form mouth that can pick up anything, metal or not as big as the Dinobots. He"s an old enemy to Ratchet & Arcee who"d he hunted & to Drift & Prowl, whose mentors he"s slain. Like Nightbird, he has a scar over his left optic & has a face mask similar to his live-action counterpart. He transforms into a Black/Green/Silver/Purple Lamborghini Aventador Sports Car similar to his live-action counterpart. He wields a helmet-mounted sniper rifle-esque cannon, a handheld dark energon sword, a handheld particle rifle, a handheld ion pistol, a right forearm-mounted dark energon hook, a left forearm-mounted dark energon chainsaw, a handheld electro-staff, a handheld dark energon machete, & 2 shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.
      • Additional Decepticons
      • Vehicons (various): Megatron"s Foot Soldiers who transform into Purple/Green/Black Lamborghini Reventon Sports Cars, Follan Gnat Fighter Jets, RAH-66 Comanche Helicopters, Russian Main Battle Tank Prototypes & M1126 Stryker Infantry Assault Vehicles.
      • Nemesis Prime (Peter Cullen): Unicron"s clone of Optimus who just lacks Optimus’ morality & is more aggressive than Prime. He was made to kill & replace Optimus so he could feed the Autobots to Unicron. He does question whether or not he’s a clone after encountering Optimus & learning what he had to say. He has a chain stripe, a mouthplate similar to hisGeneration 1counterpart for battle & transforms into a Black/Purple/Beige/Blue Western Star 4700 Semi-Truck. He wields pyrokinesis, like Sunstorm as well as the same weapons as Optimus, but also uses 2 shoulder-mounted ion chain-guns.
      • Fracture (Kevin Pollak): Drift"s rival & Lockdown’s partner turn rival for courting Nightbird who has absolutely no scruples as far as what he"ll do to bring in his quarry. Smug & self-assured, he"s just in it for the monetary gain, even more so than Lockdown. He also tries to take Nightbird away from Lockdown by trying to impress her with his own stunts which usually fail miserably. He transforms into a Purple/Red/White/Black 2015 Mercedes Benz S65 AMG Coupe Car. He wields a handheld electro-blaster, a handheld dark energon spear, 2 shoulder-mounted sonic cannons, a handheld dark energon crossbow, 2 forearm-mounted dark energon blades & grenades.
        • Divebomb (Khary Payton): Fracture"s Orange/Black/Purple/Red Eagle-themed Mini-Con who amuses himself by destroying objects from the air for the sheer joy of it. He transforms into a Data Disc/Gyrodyne. He’s based off Laurie Faso’s portrayal.
      • Springload (John Steven Rocha): A Decepticon who continually obsesses over the mythical Cybertronian city of Doradus, dreaming of discovering the ancient city so that he can lay claim to its myriad riches & its legendary fountain of Energon occasionally on the wrong time much to the annoyance of his superiors, especially those who don’t believe superstition like Slipstream. Most other Decepticons might write this off as a harmless hobby until they actually meet him. Delusional & paranoid, he believes that he"s been chosen by the spirits of Doradus, and that everyone & everythingelse is out to stop him from fulfilling his destiny. Fortunately, his unbalanced mental state makes him extremely gullible, so if you feed him the right information it"s all too easy to get him onto your side, which is what Sandstorm did as she did help him to find Doradus. This might work in the short term, but as soon as he finds out he"s been had, then he"ll have no qualms about kicking his would-be benefactor into next week. He has a balbo & transforms into a Green/Blue Mechanical Red-Eyed Tree Frog similar to hisRobots in Disguise (2015)counterpart/2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Pickup Truck. He wields martial arts as well as a right shoulder-mounted acidic cannon, a left shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, a handheld dark energon machete, a handheld dark energon dagger & 2 handheld particle pistols.
      • Unicron (Clancy Brown): The Chaos Bringer & Primus"s dark twin brother who was the one who manipulated Megatronus into killing Solus Prime & betraying the Primes & later the Decepticons after revealing his true goal, which to consume & annihilate all of creation, all possible realms of existence, until it’s nothing but an infinite void of nothingness, at the center of which he shall sleep forever more, his tasks complete. He transforms into an Orange/White/Brown/Purple/Black/Lime Cybertronian Planet with a pair of mandibles similar to hisGeneration 1&Generationscounterparts. He wields a right forearm-mounted dark energon drill, 2 arm-mounted laser cannons, laser vision, 2 shoulder-mounted combustion cannons, 2 hip-mounted grenade launchers, 2 shin-mounted rocket launchers & a left forearm-mounted dark energon hook. He"s based off Orson Welles" portrayal.
      • Humans
      • Sam Witwicky (Josh Keaton): 17th years old who listening music and his father is head of the Detroit police department and he is best on his job.


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